Got my new shoes on…

Just breaking my new shoes in ready for the Macmillan Longest Day Golf Challenge in 3 weeks.

I was extremely fortunate to get around Lough Erne (courtesy of Export and Freight Magazine) and, reflecting afterwards, now consider Faldo genius on the golf course and an evil genius at course design! The distance on the card is 6,241 yards tee to green but it’s a long walk round the rest of course with plenty of extra distance in between.

Based on the same calculations in my last post, the total distance walked today was over 5.7 miles on the course. I would say that Lough Erne has some fairly long walks between tees including the walk uphill to the 6th tee above the hotel. When you factoring that in, I think the total distance is nearer 6 full miles.

Even so, with views like the one below heading down the magical 10th hole, you don’t notice the walk at all.


All good preparation for the challenge though and a fantastic course to play on.

Next step – practice rounds around the actual course. Later this week.

Remember you can contribute to 4 grown men wearing out their feet in aid of cancer on our Just Giving page.

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