Golf – longer, healthier and harder than you think

LAST month I posted an article that was meant to answer all those people that felt that 4 rounds of golf in one day wasn’t really much of a challenge.

Well, in that article, I included a link to Inside Golf where editor Richard Fellner has added some science to the debate around how far we walk in a round of golf.

It appears Richard somehow found the article and added a great link to an updated post from last year where Inside Golf embarked on an Australia wide project to actually track how far the average golfer walked in the course of a round.

The results of the project were posted in June last year and resulted in the distance walked versus the scorecard increasing to an astounding 77% more!

The study also had some interesting additional data items from respondents who used mobile apps like Map My Run to include data on calories burned.

The average number of calories burned in the sample rounds was in the 900 – 1000 calorie range and these numbers didn’t include swinging the club or other non motion activities like pitch mark repair or bending to retrieve balls from the hole.

All in all, that’s useful info when considering our Macmillan Cancer Longest Day Challenge next week (Sunday 22nd June).

Over the 4 rounds we should use over 4,000 calories. That’s some amount of calories to burn and replace during one day.

To put this into some kind of perspective, according to, the number of calories burnt in a marathon (26.2 miles running for those that don;’t already know!) ranges between 2,224 and just over 3,500.

And remember, we hadn’t included any of the active but non motion stuff in golf! Website had an article that listed the amount of calories burnt in playing golf and stated that the average person at the driving range would burn somewhere in the region of 211 calories per hour of hitting golf balls.

Back in the original post, I calculated that the 4 rounds challenge would contain about 3 hours solid of hitting golf balls. So there is another 633 calories added in.

Total calories burnt in the longest day rounds = 4,633

Some total.

You can read the full account of Richard’s survey here.

For those that are interested, rebasing the longest day distance the team is going to walk with Inside Golf’s updated figures gives an estimated 18 miles for the full day.

Whew! The challenge is getting bigger and bigger with each day that passes.

Remember, that you can still help us to raise money for Macmillan Cancer by sponsoring our challenge via our Just Giving page below.

Thanks again.

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